Previously on view in the Amsterdam Biennale: Matthew Stadler

Portland Pavilion

The pavilion, like our city, will be an empty lot on which a squatter has put a bookshelf. It will be made of 6' x 6' x 7' of emptiness.


Portland Publications - Portland Pavilion, curator: Matthew Stadler. Oct 24 - Jan 3 2009/10, in the Amsterdam Biennale at Mediamatic. Raphael Rehbach

Publication Studio will work with 40 writers, artists, and culture activists in Portland to make 40 books. Each participant will prepare and control the content of his or her book and Publication Studio will print and present them all in a standard "manila folder".

The full pavilion will consist of a hand-painted sign, a bookshelf and the 40 books, shipped to Amsterdam. These will be presented in the pavilion space alongside a laptop opened to a Skype page connected to Publication Studio. Our hours of operation, in Portland, are 6 am - 2 pm, Pacific Time, which is 3 pm - 11 pm, Amsterdam time. During these hours, visitors to the pavilion can ask us questions or watch the book machine printing new books.

The Portland pavilion is on view in the Amsterdam Biennale 2009 at Mediamatic from 24 October 2009 until 3 January 2010.