Previously on view in the Amsterdam Biennale: Jihyun Ryou

Seoul Pavilion

삼청먹자골목 (Samcheong food street)

Old things with new things, new things with old things.

The Seoul pavilion is an installation about the street culture of Seoul, with its characteristic signs, posters, electrical wires above street level, and servings of street food at the opening.

The pavilion opens 5 December 2009 in the Amsterdam Biennale 2009 at Mediamatic and can be viewed until January 3, 2010.

Curated by Jihyun Ryou, David Artuffo, Seoungeun Jung
*special thanks to: Yunjung Lee, Kanarak Isarankura Na Ayudhya


Dangling street culture - The Seoul Pavilion, curators: Jihyun Ryou, David Artuffo, Seoungeun Jung. Dec 5 - Jan 3 2009/10, in the Amsterdam Biennale at Mediamatic. Raphael Rehbach