Willem Velthoven

Electric Bikes 2012

Desirable pedalassisted bicycles

I'm not an expert but I am an amateur of fine bikes. 2012 is the year in which the first fine electric bikes are appearing. Originally, they used to be for the elderly, the disabled and the lazy. Now, they are becoming the cool alternative for those noisy stinky scooters. Even off road and transporters are appearing on the market. Also sets are appearing for electifying existing bikes. Our cities will become cleaner and more beautiful again!


Riese & Müller Load 2013 full suspension E-transporter - I can find no price or weight or test of this innovation yet but is a very attractive. I'm very curious about its handling. According to their web site, they are also planning to offer a Nu-Vinci rear hub. Image from r-m.de

My daily ride in Amsterdam is fixed based on a hand built [[319145 | RIH track frame], triple triangle Columbus max tubing, 63 cm c/t. No need to electrify that one:)

Recently I was discussing biking in Isatanbul. There a pedelec bike with suspension would be most useful because of longer distances, hot weather, steep hills, pavement of varying quality and a very competitive traffic situation that requires speed.