Tanja Baudoin

How to make a theme / navigation

Please consult an sysadmin first before making a theme.

1. Create a new 'theme' in the admin. Give it a title. Give it a 'symbolic name' (for instance 'theme_apple'). Publish.

2. Create a new 'set'. This will be the home page of your navigation. Give it a title (such as 'home something'). Give it the type 'navigation' in the admin tab. Give it the 'theme' apple in the keywords tab. Give it the symbolic name 'navigation_theme_apple'. Publish.

3. To place articles in the navigation, add them as setmembers to the set. Also: give them each the theme 'apple' in the keywords tab. Publish.

4. To create dropdown menus within the navigation: this can only be done for sets. Add a set to the navigation and place articles in it. For the articles, not only click the theme 'apple' in the keywords tab, but also click 'navigation' in the admin tab.

5. Use 'short title' to shorten titles of the theme navigation.