Soulful Electronic Music

As satellites spin overhead, the antenna is constantly searching, looking for new sounds to send and receive. Navigate your way through the wilderness of drum machines and sine waves, and come to rest under the watchful eye of Antenna… Saturday May 21 at Canvas Amsterdam. Entrance only 5 euros.


Flyer Antenna May 21 2011 - Bas van den Broeke

Antenna, Saturday May 21 at Canvas Amsterdam

Expect all styles of electronic music past, present and future. As the antenna drifts through orbit, it picks up sounds from the music communities of major industrial cities around the world. For their first maiden voyage, Antenna residents Max Cole and Bas B are joined by northern pilots Ken and Ahy'kah for a journey across voltages and tempos, destination unknown. Tune in to the Antenna Mix for a preview of their first transmission, Saturday 21 May 2011.

Line up

Bas B (Antenna)
Max Cole (Antenna)
Ken (RoXY)
Ahy'Kah (Hoorspel, Helix)


Spotify: Antenna Playlist
Soundcloud: Antenna Mix 001
Soundcloud: Antenna Mix 002