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More Tea Vicar? -

The More Tea parties started as a Sunday afternoon session in Amsterdam's Vondelpark, on sunny afternoons when 't Blauwe Theehuis was overflowing with all kinds of parky activities, and the weekend's revellers could recuperate to some tea-cup sounds.

Threading a precarious path through ragtime, dub, wave, disco, jazz, psych rock, samba, ambient, electronic, and some Hancock's Half Hour, these three friends managed to turn a certain British eccentricity into a dharjeeling feeling. Since then they've been throwing tea parties at various venues around Amsterdam.

As true explorers, who, nevertheless, never stray far from the tea pot, they've been responsible for gigs by the likes of James Pants, Nadja, Mark Pritchard and Paul White. More Tea, Vicar? provide Days Grow Short Radio with a monthly tea time mix, and the three gents spin regularly on Tuesdays at Cafe Belgique, and occasionally elsewhere.


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