A Lightness performance at HEMbrug terrein

4 Jun 2014
22 Jun 2014

In Blaas, the theatre group Schweigman& plays with the space around us. Where does the inner world stop and where does the outer world begin? Travelling from inside and outside, threat and security, light and dark, eventually ordains the question "where am I" perhaps more important than 'who am I'.


Blaas - Een voorstelling van Schweigman& met een sculptuur van Cocky Eek. Fotograaf: Geert Snoeijer.

Boukje Schweigman, artistic director of Schweigman& developed the performance Blaas together with performer Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti and artist Cocky Eek. Boukje Schweigman: "When I saw the inflatable objects for the first time, I immediately felt a kinship. Like me, she examines how the human body relates to the space around it. Her works disorientates the imagination, evoking a physical reaction and questions where and how I can proceed in this wonderful world." The press and public were very enthusiastic and last summer called Blaas 'wondering' and 'alienating'.

More information

The performance takes place at the HEMbrug terrein, Hemkade 18 1506 PR Zaandam. Check the website of Schweigman& for exact data and times of the performances. You can buy tickets via this website.