Tjebbe van Tijen


Imaginary Museum of Revolution - A little statue is placed on a sensor that recognises it so it can trigger matching AV streams. Image scanned from Mediamatic vol 2, issue 4, june 1988

Creator of virtual archives and scrolls.

Educated as a visual artist in the early sixties. Experiments with expanded cinema, inflatables and other public events in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and London in the mid sixties. Initiative for a documentation center on art, technology and society at the Sigma Center and Stedelijk Museum (1967-1969) and later founder and curator of the Documentation Center of Modern Social Movements at the University Library and International Institute for Social History in Amsterdam (1973-1998). Collaborative multimedia art projects mostly on historical subjects from the mid eighties onward with Jeffrey Shaw, Milos Vojectechovsky, Rolf Pixley, Fred Gales shown a.o. in Linz, Karlsruhe, Prague, Amsterdam and Tokyo. Works since 1988 under the name Imaginary Museum Projects. Regular lectures, performances and publications on subjects like social memory, psycho-geography, media history, mapping of human violence and visual language.

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