Press Releases

How to write a press release?
If you need an example, go to the pers mail ( and search in the folder: Sent Press Releases

Press releases are shorter and more to the point than mailings. No need to use figure of speech and blarney, because journalists will see right through this. They just want information that is to the point. 

      Before Sending:

  • Always add visual(s), but add this at the end so your readers see the information first.
    Make sure to link each image to the web page, so press can download in high res directly and see the caption + photographer credits.  
  • Discuss your draft in the Communication Meeting with Jans and Willem. 
  • If there are things to improve/change, make updates and send the new version to Jans and Willem via mail, so they can have a final look before you send it out. 
  • Always let your text be checked by a colleague. If it's in English, let a native speaker check it. However, normally we write them in DUTCH. 

    After Sending:

  • Save your sent press releases in the folder 'Verstuurde persberichten' in gmail
    Here you can also see previous press releases as an example.
  • Answer requests. (Send extra information, high res images, schedule interview etc) 
  • You'll receive some bounced emails or "please do not send me these press releases anymore" messages. Unsubscribe these people from the press list. (Go here to see how to edit a contact in stager)