Augmented Reality flashmob

Dam square, Amsterdam - saturday April 24th


flashmobbing is back! JOIN the #ARflashmob - place your own virtual 'human statue' on the Dam Square!


Augmented Reality 'human sculpture' - Dam square Amsterdam, Augmented reality 'human statues' #ARflashmob Sander Veenhof

Every square in every major city in the world knows the 'human sculpture' phenomenon. On the Dam square in Amsterdam we've the following set of characters: a Darth Vader, a superman, a gladiator and some undecipherable sort of gothic characters.

Even though they have nothing to do with the city of Amsterdam, people go and have their picture taken with them on and off.

But not on the 24th of April! Then, the majority of people will be photographing the empty space beside Darth. Because that space will be occupied by virtual 'human sculptures', brought alive by Augmented Reality applications on iPhones and Android devices!

More details and downloadable models for Android and iPhones soon: