Emmanuel Elìas Flores


Screen shot of visuals by Emmanuel Flores Elias - The video that this shot was taken from accompanies music by Pandelis Diamantides (Microseq). Found on Microseq's Vimeo account.

Hello there! I am an app developer living in Amsterdam. Currently I am focused on developing native and web applications for mobile devices and learning how to run my own studio, Monotone.

I consider myself a direct result of my generation: melting together tons of curiosity with technical skills in order to explore technology in communicative and useful ways. I think the best user experience is a playful one.
Besides my activities as designer and developer I have worked as ‘creative coder’ and workshop leader for different universities and institutions in China, Belgium, Mexico, Italy and the Netherlands.

Specialties: User Experience Design, Concept Development, iOS SDK, Objective-C, Mobile Web Technologies (HTML+CSS+JS), Processing, OpenGL.

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