Mediamatic Magazine vol 4 # 1+2 Niet Bekend 1 Jan 1989

Klaus vom Bruch: Arbeiten 1987-1989

Klaus Heinrich Kohrs (ed), Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Förderungsstiftung Berlin/Stadtischen Kunsthalle Düsseldorf (pub) Düsseldorf 1989,German text, pp34


Klaus vom bruch -

A new Vom Bruch catalogue with the customary olive green cover; well produced, handsome colour illustrations (of work and drawings) and an article by Dieter Daniels about the development of Vom Bruch’s work. Along with an exhibition held this summer in DüsseldorPs Stadtische Kunsthalle, this catalogue concludes and provides an account of a grant that Vom Bruch received from the Karl-Rottluff Förderung Foundation covering the years 1987-89.