Mediamatic Magazine vol 4#4 Niet Bekend 1 Jan 1990

Richard Wilson

The Artists

Born in London GB 1953, Lives and works in London


Richard Wilson -

Wilson has been showing installation work in Britain and abroad since 1975. He is also a member of the performance group. Bow Gamelan Ensemble. His installations have included 20:50 (1987) at Matt’s Gallery in London using diesel oil, One Piece at a Time (1987) in the leg of the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle with 1000 used car parts and She Came in Through the Bathroom Window (ig8g) at Matt's Gallery which involved moving the gallery window into the middle of the room.

Edge 90 commission; All Mod Cons, an installation in a warehouse. He will construct an balcony which will emerge up through the floor and project out of the building through a window.