Joyce Chen_陳禹先, Kyra Delsing

Remembering Mediamatic Magazine

Start archiving, or be forgotten!

Between 1985 and 2007, Mediamatic published over 35 magazines and 12 CD/DVD-ROMs, creating a platform for new media and art. While we continue exploring new media for cultural development, we want to make sure our "Mediamatic History” won’t get lost.


All the Mediamatic magazines - magazines taking sunbath On a sunny day it's good to make photo's of all the magazines. Joyce Chen_陳禹先, Kyra Delsing

Digitizing the magazine

A plan to recreate the experience of the Mediamatic Magazine is needed. Digitization has ensured that content of cultural memory can be processed and circulated more easily. However, due to the rapid development cycle of technological systems, the preservation of digital art is inherently difficult.

Preserving is not enough

All magazines and CD-ROMS are well conserved in our storage. To make the Mediamatic Magazine come alive, a well-planned storage and conservation strategy is not enough. You can’t just preserve; you have to remember as well. That’s why we will travel back in time and revive the magazine. What were we thinking when Mediamatic wrote that the 21st century would be the end of advertising? And can the OSS CD-ROM still make our computers crash? What do the artists now think of the art they made back in the day?

Interviewing people

Mediamatic Magazine founder Willem Velthoven, Jans Possel and pioneer Paul Groot are already in our list of interviewees. We will not only contact the artists who contributed to the magazine and the CD-ROMs, but we also want to know how other people experienced Mediamatic Magazine and Mediamatic Off-Line.