Keith Ansell Pearson

Lecturer in philosophy at the university of Warwick, UK.
Pearson has published monographs on Nietzsche, Bergson, and Deleuze, as well as introductions and edited volumes.

He serves on the editorial boards of, among others, Cosmos and History, Deleuze Studies, Nietzsche-Studien, and Journal of Nietzsche Studies. Recent research has included working on:

  • The therapeutic and other ambitions of the texts of Nietzsche's middle period, especially Dawn
  • Nietzsche and biopolitics and care of self
  • Nietzsche's reception of Guyau
  • The notion of the sublime in Nietzsche
  • Time and memory in Bergson and Deleuze
  • Bergson and Deleuze on ethics.

In addition to Nietzsche, his current and projected future research and graduate teaching centres on developments in philosophy post Nietzsche, especially the work of Deleuze and Foucault.

Pearson maintain close links with scholars working in Germany (especially Berlin and Heidelberg), Australia, and North America and is engaged in collaborative work with scholars such as Rebecca Bamford (Rochester) and Michael Ure (Monash).

In 2012 and 2013 he shall be pursuing research into Nietzsche's philosophy of the free spirit and Warwick's Philosophy Department will host in each of these years a workshop and conference on Nietzsche. Pearson also hopes to do work on Spinoza and Nietzsche and pursue research into Foucault's idea that the fundamental problem of Western philosophy is one of appreciating how the world can be both the object of knowledge and at the same time the place of the subject's test.

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