Rental possibilities

Additional programme

Mediamatic Biotoop has its own kitchen, staff, equipment and furniture and we gladly help you with your programme. Read more about additional possibilities, workshops and tours here.


Fashion presentation - Anomalies by Vita STasiukynaite, which took place at Mediamatic's Aquaponics Farm. Vita Stasiukynaite (LT)

Present your project

On Wednesday evenings creative makers, big thinkers and eloquent speakers can use the Sluisdeurenloods to present their work or cultural project on an open podium.


Presentation in the Sluisdeurenloods - Mediamatic's Sluisdeurenloods is fully equipped to host presentations for up to 100 people in a theater setup. For standing receptions and (music) performances the maximum capacity is 150 people. Anisa Xhomaqi


Vegan, fermented or with fish, the chefs at our restaurant Mediamatic ETEN can cook made to measure menus for any occasion. Next to the standard equipment in our open kitchen we also have a wood fired clay oven in which we bake pizzas and bread.


Chef Rolf preparing a delicious dinner. - Our open kitchen serves delicious seasonal vegan food. Anisa Xhomaqi


Every room can be furnished for specific events such as presentations, receptions or meetings. We have our own wooden tables, benches, desks, chairs and a small wardrobe. Additional furniture can be rented.


Art of Deception Tour - Learning more about the exhibition 'The Art of Deception'. Anisa Xhomaqi, Isaac Monté


Depending on your needs we can offer equipment for sound and visuals. From just a screen and microphone for a presentation to a complete back-line during music events.


Album Release Délage A.K.A. Loverboy Beatface and the Togetherness - Performing at Mediamatic's Sluisdeurenloods. Margherita Soldati


During tours we tell you about our history, our program and our location while we show you our projects and exhibitions. Contact us for more about the tours.

Make, learn and do

If you are interested in an additional program we can also arrange several hands-on workshops about beer brewing, fermentation, smell, mycelium and Aquaponics.

Making kimchi 1,5 uur
Making perfume 1,5 uur
Growing new materials 2 uur
Beer brewing 5 uur
Build your own mini Aquaponics 7 uur


Mediamatic ETEN terras by night. - Adjacent to the restaurant and bar of Mediamatic ETEN you will find our own private terras and harbour. Mooring with your personal boat is optional. Lisanne Groenewoud

Boating on the IJ with Meneer Vrijdag

We currently host art project Rederij Lampedusa by Teun Castelein. On request a tour can be booked on this special refugee vessel; the Meneer Vrijdag. It is also possible to (temporarily) moor your own boat. We gladly inform you about the possibilities.


Learning more about mushrooms - Together with Wouter Hassing you can learn how to cultivate mushrooms at home. A beginner workshop takes about 2 hours. Anisa Xhomaqi


Do you have a plan yourself? For a customised quote, please contact Jans Possel at