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Lia Giraud - Working on her art, design, science projects - image from her website biography

Lia Giraud is a Paris-based photographer / video artist and researcher.

Since 2013 Lia Giraud has been a PhD student in the "Science, Art, Design, Search" (PSL) program and a student in the research area "Reflective interaction" (EnsadLab).

Inspired by documentary practice, her first works were a reflection on image and the role it plays in our construction of reality. It particularly addresses the influence of new digital modes of representation and how they interact with the biological sphere.

In 2010, in collaboration with the biologist Claude Yepremian (National Museum of Natural History), she created the process of Algaegraphie. This first laboratory experiment marked a turning point in her creative process which is now characterized by a combination of art and science.

In her most recent work, Lia Giraud uses biological processes as operative tools. These hybrid devices create a reflection of what it means to be living in the age where science and technology is ever-present.

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