Mediamatic 1999

Visual representation of the year

Once more Mediamatic is organising a series in 1999 workshops and various salons. goes online

In January 1999, the website online. From then Mediamatic activities, articles, reviews and theoretical considerations combined into an interactive online magazine. The website is also a (photo-)archive and new media network. works with Anymeta, a system based on meaningful relationships between people, events, places, objects etc. This is the first project of Mediamatic Lab, the sister organization Mediamatic Foundation.

Salons Mediamatic@BABY

In 1999 Mediamatic continues organising salons on Sunday afternoon in Society BABY. Several speakers come along from the worlds of television, new media, film, music, performance.


Uitnodiging Mediamatic@BABY - 2 mei 1999


Mediamatic@BABY -


presentatie tijdens Mediamatic@BABY - 3 oktober 1999 Jans Possel


presentatie tijdens Mediamatic@ Baby - 7 november 1999


performance Jungle AAA - Mediamatic@BABY, 12 december 1999 Jans Possel

With: Jungle AAA

The last printed Mediamatic Magazine

During Mediamatic@BABY on Sunday, October 3rd, 1999 the release of The Printed Issue, the last printed edition of Mediamatic Magazine is celebrated. During the Salon Dirk van Weelden explains the CD-ROM Smallworld by Florian Thalhofer.


Mediamatic vol. 9#4 & 10#1 The Printed Issue. - Mediamatic Issues Tijdens Mediamatic@BABY op zondag 3 oktober 1999 werd het uitkomen van The Printed Issue gevierd, met o.a. Dirk van Weelden die de CD-ROM Small World van Florian Thalhofer toelicht.

Workshop Behaviour Designs

Following the series of workshops "Author in New Media", Mediamatic organises in '99 / '00 a series of workshops about "Designing behaviour". The new media include a fundamental aspect to the old: they exhibit behaviours. The design of this behaviour is the main topic of the three workshops. The workshop titles include Rhythm & Timing, The Playfield and Interactive Storytellers.


De header van de Mediamatic workshops folder - Volgend op de serie 'Auteur in Nieuwe Media' workshops, organiseerde Mediamatic in '99/'00 een serie workshops over 'Gedrag Ontwerpen'. De nieuwe media voegen een fundamenteel aspect toe aan de oude: ze vertonen gedrag. Het ontwerpen van dit gedrag stond centraal in deze drie workshops.