Mediamatic 2002

In 2002 there are salons and exhibitions. These take place at three different locations on the Prins Hendrikkade in the Society BABY and Mediamatic Supermarket.

Tea and Magazines

The new year opens on February the 3rd with a Mediamatic Salon on journals electronically or in print, accompanied by lounge music and high tea. Presentations by Jesper Juul (DK) about the online magazine Games Studies, Winnie Terra (NL) over the sheet Catalogue and Paul Perry (CAN/NL) on the phenomenon of weblog. In between High Tea and Salon Music.


Duo Arpeggio - 3 februari 2002: MediamaticSalon

Mediamatic over and over on the radio

On March the 2nd a salon over and on the radio with presentations and performances by Dirk van Weelden, Ron van der Star, John Turbo, the group Oorbeek, Ingeborg Cutting and Maître Paul. Presented by writer and radio enthusiast Dirk van Weelden.


Mediamatic Salon @ HOME live on Radio 100 -

Circus Elbow and a fashion show

During the salon on June the 2nd presents Circus Elbow Tô na rua. If this street was mine .... Two groups of children, from the Netherlands and Brazil meet on the streets and with their circus acts they challenge each other. Also students of the Arnhem Academy of Arts will present their own label, the collection Arnhem. Under supervision of Alexander van Slobbe and Sayone Daan they manufactured a wonderful collection which is also for sale.


CircusMania - Circus Elleboog presenteerde: Tô na rua. Als deze straat van mij was.... Jans Possel


ModeMania - De studenten van HKU showen hun kledinglijn. Jans Possel

Will reading become as classical as listening to jazz music?

On June the 22nd the first exhibition of the year takes place. Will reading become as classical as listening to jazz music? Multidiscplinaire is a group of artists Vittorio Santoro, Henk Boverhoff, Martin Butler, Joff, Maurice Nio and Young-Hae Chang about the new generation of readers who are familiar with the internet.


exhibition view Is lezen net zo klassiek aan het worden ..... - 22 juni 2002, Mediamatic Supermarkt Installation by Martin Butler & Joff, floor piece by Maurice Nio 22 juni t/m 18 augustus 2002, Mediamatic Supermarkt Jans Possel

Signora Canale

While the Super Salon on September the 1st makes Italian mama Signora Canale recipe of the month: pastiera, a traditional Neapolitan cake.


Signora Canale met het recept van de maand - Jans Possel

False framework

The second exhibition at Mediamatic opens on September the 14th, False framework. Photos of Giselle de Oliveira Macedo and video work Nira Zait. The work of Giselle de Oliveira Macedo and Nira Zait is matched. They both use the everyday environment to surprise the viewer with strong atmospheres and then bring him astray. The rhythm of the watch is made into the important factor.


tentoonstelling Vals Kader - 14 september 2002, Mediamatic Supermarkt Jans Possel

Overtone Singing

On the 2nd of October a presentation of the book of Mark van Tongeren about overtone singing. With demonstrations of Mongolian throat singing, a solo performance by Natascha Nikprelevics and a performance by Mark van Tongeren and Altai Khairkhan.


Overtone Singing Mark van Tongeren - 2 oktober 2002: Presentatie van het boek van Mark van Tongeren over boventoonzang. Met demonstraties van Mongoolse keelzang, een solo-optreden van Natascha Nikprelevics en een optreden van Mark van Tongeren en Altai Khairkhan.

Projections on Mediamatic Supermarket screen

In November, a new series projections seen on Mediamatic Supermarket. There are nine artists invited to make a specific contribution to the environment. The images can be viewed during the backup from the car, by bike or on foot during dusk until 01:00.


"Frankendael 2001", Erwin Driessens & Maria Verstappen - Mediamatic Outdoor Projections, 2002/03

Incentives, Fingers and other snacks

Incentives, Fingers and other snacks were on November the 10th at this salon in the spotlight. With presentations by Mediamatic new web learning environment Incentive, which helps students discover what they are good at. A surreal performance show Snack! inspired by the food chain. And Cristina Garcia and Micha Wertheim talk about their newly published children's book Duimelot and the accompanying website whereto children can send their own finger rhyme with drawing.


De Prikkel website die MediamaticLab ontwikkelde - 10 november 2002: Prikkels, Vingers en andere Snacks

Follicle / why does it feel so nice when things are not perfect //

The exhibition Follicle /why does it feel so good when things are not quite off/ show two installations: The Tickle Salon by Erwin Driessens & Maria Verstappen and Dream Diary by Angelos Bratis. For the opening November the 22nd Natasha Asmanidou, the Voin Voin, Tania Theodorou, Karin and Angelos Bratis perform Dream Diary. One of the performers reads out some poems by C.P. Cavafy (1863-1933).


Dream Diary performance - 22 november 2002: Voor de opening van de nieuwe tentoonstelling, voerden Natasha Asmanidou, Voin de Voin, Tania Theodorou, Karin en Angelos Bratis een performance op. Een van de performers las hierbij enkele gedichten van C.P. Cavafy (1863-1933) voor.

Erwin Driessens and Maria Verstappen conjure Mediamatic Supermarket around a Kietelsalon. They developed a robot that scans the body and maps. Through the body the robot gets information to touch the skin in a sensitive way. Under professional guidance and explanation of Erwin and Maria you can test yourself and will find out how it works exactly.


Kietelsalon - 23 november 2002, Mediamatic Supermarkt 23 november 2002 t/m 13 maart 2003: De tentoonstelling follikel / waarom is het soms zo lekker als de dingen niet helemaal af zijn //, Mediamatic Supermarkt Jans Possel

Finger play fun games and other barbaric

Martin Butler and JOFF are in their own words "puppet masters". Butler dances and choreographs, JOFF is costume designer, during MediamaticSuperSalon@BABY.


Finger play fun and other Barbaric Games - Jans Possel

With: Joff