Mediamatic 1991

In 1991 3 Mediamatic Magazines appear.

In the winter of 1991, the MM Magazine is published edition Otaku (Radical Boredom). The edition is dedicated to, among others Otaku, a Japanese phenomenon:

They do not like physical contact and love media, techno-communication and reproduction and simulation in general. They are avid collectors and players of useless attributes and information. They belong to the underground, but are not against the system. They change, manipulate and distort existing products, but at the same time they are the incarnate glorification of consumption, the ideal working people for the present capitalistic Japan. They are the children of the media.


Front Page Mediamatic Magazine VOL 5#4 1990 (en) -

The following MM Magazine is titled NO PANIC!. Including articles about the increasing number of the existing virtual world, horror and a nightmare of Rembrandt.


Front Page Mediamatic Magazine VOL 6#1 1991 (en) -

In winter 1991/1992 a double-thick MM Magazine titled Old Media! comes out. The various articles highlight the (alleged) conflict between old and new media. For this edition Mediamatic held a poll on the use of old and new media in the practice of artists, writers and businessmen:

We silently hoped we might be able to detect some possible revaluation of the old media surrounding us. That we might therefore construct an idea of how interaction between the present and the past, between the past and a future, might take shape in mutually-enhancing scenarios, maybe illustrated by means of so-called MediaScapes.


Mediamatic Magazine Vol.6#2/3 -