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A list of related educational institutions and their course offers

The MEDIA PLUS PROGRAMME by the European Union supports institutions and projects which offer vocational training for media professionals. As a part of this network, we present programmes of other institutions which can be of further interest for you.


These workshops are made possible with the support of the MEDIA PLUS PROGRAMME of the European Community. -

IFS Internationale FilmSchule Cologne

The IFS offers several programmes in cross-media marketing and production design.
Go to the ifs website for more information.

ZeLIG School for Documentary, Television and New Media (Bolzano)

ESoDoc explores wholly new terrain. It takes up the challenge of bringing together the demands of different players involved in documentary film production: independent documentary film makers and producers; non-governmental and non-profit organizations (NGOs and NPOs), whose needs for new communication strategies have become ever more pressing.

ESoDoc’s ambition is to create new production opportunities for European documentary makers interested in broadcasting films that draw attention to human rights, social justice and environmental protection, particularly in the developing world; and to encourage NGOs and NPOs to make more use of film and New Media as tools in development such as, for example, the use of Participatory Videos.

ESoDoc is geared toward the needs of documentary and NGO sector professionals, independent producers, authors and journalists, media personnel, communications and image professionals who collaborate with institutions and/or NGOs that work with developing countries, and/or professionals committed to social, health and environmental issues.
Workshops will be held in South Tyrol, Tuscany and Budapest.

See the ESoDoc Website for more information.

Where to be trained in Europe

A complete list of training inititatives supported by the MEDIA PLUS programme of the European Communion can be found here

If you are part of the MEDIA network and want us to post your programme, send an email to klaas@mediamatic.net