Jasper de Groot


Jasper de Groot - Margherita Soldati

Jasper de Groot (1989) is an Utrecht based researcher and is involved with Mediamatic's Odorama series. 

Jasper is a senior postdoc, principal investigator (Department of Psychology, Utrecht University, NL), and Member of the Utrecht Young Academy. He studies the underestimated human sense of smell, in particular the human capacity to communicate fear. In his research, Jasper integrates approaches from psychology (affect, perception, behavior, cognition, psychophysiology) to neuroscience (fMRI), genotyping, and chemical analysis. After obtaining his PhD (cum laude) under supervision of University Professor G. R. Semin and professor M.A.M. Smeets (Utrecht, NL), he obtained an extremely competitive Niels Stensen Fellowship to learn olfactory neuroscience at the J.A. Gottfried Lab (UPenn, USA). He then returned to Utrecht as a principal investigator on a prestigious Veni grant (2019-2022) from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. Jasper supervises students at diverse stages in their education, has been involved in programming courses, and gives lectures on the sense of smell, taste, and social neuroscience. Jasper contributes to Open Science: he is an active member of the Open Science Community Utrecht and he is part of a National Task Force to improve Research Data Management. He is also steering committee member of the NOSE Network, a platform that binds researchers, artists, patients, and other individuals with a common interest in smell research.

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