Mediamatic Magazine 7#2

summer 1993

The World Issue: World Articles

This issue of Mediamatic was supposed to be the World Issue. A Mediamatic about the whole world!

This proved, to say the least, very ambitious... That's why we present to you an additional selection of World Articles (search for World Articles). These world articles have not been written yet. They are latent contributions to a virtual world issue.


vol.7#2 The World Issue - Mediamatic Issues Mediamatic Issues Mediamatic Issues

For some of these we don't even have authors. You are invited to read the introductions and dream your own article. You can vote for your three favourite proposals by filling out the reply card in the back of this issue. The proposals that collect a sufficient number of votes will be written and published in future issues.

Just enter a 1 for Must absolutely be written, a 2 for I'd really like to read this and a 3 for This might also be interesting.

If you don't want to rely on your fellow readers, you can also sponsor an article. For Dfl. 0,25 per word, we guarantee you an excellent piece of a length you choose (1000, 2000 or 3000 words). The article will then be published mentioning you as its sponsor. (mentioning you as the author would be a bit more expensive) When we get more sponsors for an article you will share the costs with the others and all your names will be advertised.

On the reply card there is also room for your remarks about Mediamatic. Send us a postcard! What do you like and what do you detest about us? What do you miss? Why do you read Mediamatic? For the editors, it is not easy to form an image of our readership. Possibly later this year, we'll conduct a systematic reader survey. For now, this is an early attempt. We'd really appreciate your reactions.