Amsterdam RAI

Amsterdam RAI wishes to be the hub where exchanges take place and value is created for organisers, exhibitors and visitors. Amsterdam RAI also benefits from the universal attractions of the city of Amsterdam with its core values of creativity, enterprise and innovation, as encapsulated in the ‘I Amsterdam’ campaign.


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Amsterdam RAI has never aimed to make profit for profit’s sake. Its main object, over the years, has been to remain financially capable of generating the investment needed to maintain a state-of-the-art convention and exhibition centre. This is important for visitors and users alike and also for the overall image that the centre projects both locally and regionally. Profitability has therefore always been an operational precondition, as it enables the centre to implement the necessary refurbishing and quality improvements needed to ensure continuity for all stakeholders, i.e. the organisers, visitors, exhibitors, suppliers, staff, shareholders and local residents.

Contact information

  • Amsterdam RAI
  • Europaplein 22
  • 1078 GZ
  • Amsterdam
  • NL
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