painted material by Pouran Jinchi

19 Jan 2008
14 Feb 2008

The Third Line and Banana Republic present Fabricated: painted works by Pouran Junchi. Jinchi’s new works are a pastiche of various multi-coloured, patterned and branded fabrics that form a line of post modern headgear.

Jinchi trained as a calligrapher while growing up in Mashad, Iran. Her work typically focuses on the incorporation of the traditional aspects of her culture and calligraphy to pursue her own aesthetic investigations. In Fabricated, Jinchi examines the blending of her ancient language and the new language of commercialism where, Nike, Burberry and ancient calligraphy morph into one creating customary head gear – these gauche of paper works make comment on ethnic marketing, deconstructing notions of identity and renegotiating how these identities are formed in a globalised society.