1 Jan 2004

Interactive Children's Film Workshop

A Mediamatic workshop in Oulu, Finland, from the 12th till the 17th of November 2004.

Interactive story structures change the way how to tell and to experience stories.
But how ?
In interactive storytelling, filmmakers can no longer only regard themselves as the creator of a story, but has to think of the user as the interpreter of fragments and thus really as the creator of their own story too.


Santa -

In six days of workshop, the possibilities of interactive storytelling for children will be explored by the participants, while guided by experienced trainers. Each participant will also design and build an interactive project based on his own material or ideas, using the Korsakow system as a software tool.


Santa 2 -

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This workshop is made possible with the support of the MEDIA PLUS PROGRAMME of the European Community and OCW


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