Jasper Kraaijeveld

Ministry of Economic Affairs

Strategic communication advisor Ministry of Economic Affairs

Before joining the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Innovation and later the Communication Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, I worked for Oberon Medialab, an innovative online marketing bureau, and VNU holding different positions as project manager Corporate Communications, product manager Disney magazines and marketing manager of the popular scienfic youth magazines KIJK and Zo Zit Dat. Resulting from this experience I'm fully convinced of the economic, cultural, social and ecological value of creativity.

In a world where borders are disappearing and people, capital, information and products move around with increasing ease, the Netherlands is the place for enterprising people to live and work. Consequently, the Ministry of Economic Affairs ensures that:
• businesses are given more room for entrepreneurship and innovation;
• consumers are in a stronger position and can exercise their rights;
• we have a secure supply of clean energy and our electronic communication system is safe and reliable.

Therefore the goal of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is to intensify the economic potential of culture and creativity by boosting the creative potential of Dutch trade and industry. This works two ways: on the one hand, the business community gains more insight into the opportunities offered by the creative sector, generating a wealth of ideas for the development and utilisation of new technologies, products and services. On the other hand, it encourages businesses operating in the creative sector to look more closely at marketing opportunities.

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