Nezaket Ekici


Nezaket Ekici uses social and cultural quotidian experiences in her work. That context is absorbed to create a performance that uses the body as symbol, in interaction with technology and the audience. In her performances Ekici places the quotidian into a new context and invites the audience to make new associations.


Nezaket Ekici met haar wijnjurk - Nezaket Ekici met haar wijnjurk It's Happening Now! at Mediamatic Marco Wessel

Nezaket Ekici was born in Turkey in 1970 and moved in 1973 with her family to Germany, where she lives and works now. She studied Art History and Art Pedagogy in Munich. Since 2001 she has been receiving educational and professional support by Marina Abramovic, Tania Bruguera and Ilya Kabakov.

Nezaket has been presenting her work in international exhibitions since 2000: The Irish Museum of Modern art in Dublin (2001), galleries in Munich, Berlin and Mainland (2002), and international festivals: The Women's Art Festival in Aleppo, Syria and the Biennale in Venice, both in 2003. The artist participated together with The Class of Marina Abramovic at the Biennale in Venice in 2003, in a group exhibition of living installations named Recycling the future where she showed her installation Hullabelly. Hullabelly is an impressive performance where the artist turns a hula hoop around her neck for a long period of time (three hours at the Biennale in Venice), until she almost suffocates.
The class of Marina Abramovic is a group of young artists linked to the Hochschule für Bildende Künste of Braunschweig (Germany). The term living installations refers to performances of long duration which employ different media and techniques where the body is the basic means of expression, the underlying common denominator that unites the different poetics of the performer.

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