1 jan 2004

Vilém Flusser

Linguist and Philosopher

Born in Prague in 1920, Vilém Flusser began his studies in philosophy at Prague University in 1939.

He emigrated to London in 1940 and to São Paulo in 1941, where he continued and completed his education. Parallel to his philosophical and scientific activities, he was manager of a factory for electronic transformers, continuing in that position until 1961.

His first articles on linguistics and philosophy were published in 1961 in the Suplemento Literario do Estado de São Paulo,to which he has contributed ever since. In 1962 he became a member of the Brazilian Institute of Philosophy, and was appointed professor of the philosophy of communications at FAAP (School of Communications and Humanities) in São Paulo. He became co-editor of the Brazilian Philosophical review in 1964. In 1966, he was appointed special delegate of the Brazilian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, for cultural cooperation with the United States and Europe. His essays have appeared in numerous American and European journals. In 1972, he moved to Italy, and to France in 1976.

Vilém Flusser died in a car accident near the Czech border in November 1991.