Cut & Paste Digital Design Tournament

Graphic designers unite!

2 apr 2009

Every hour is happy hour here. Amsterdam, after all, rides a high that most cities can only imagine. This is Amsterdam’s Cut&Paste debut! Paradiso will host competitions in 2D, 3D, and Motion Graphics for Digital Design Tournament 2009.


Cut-n-paste announcement - Image from Cut-n-paste website.

Judges include Rob Huisman of the BNO (2D), Bas van Abel of Waag Society (3D), and Dylan Griffith of MTV Northern Europe (Motion).

And before the show starts, get three-dimensional with us: check out the special demonstration of Autodesk Mudbox. Get yourselves edumacated on this nifty bit of software, and wield that knowledge like a weapon when you compete in the 3D Audience Design Contest—it's your chance to win a trip to the Global Championship in June! Attendees will also be eligible to win Mudbox through Autodesk's raffle during the main event. Check in for the special demo when doors open at 5 PM.

Cut&Paste Amsterdam is presented in collaboration with the City of Amsterdam. As a proud supporter of arts and design initiatives, Creative Amsterdam, the city's gateway to Dutch creativity, invites you to join their network. It's a one-stop shop for checking out one of the world's largest communities of creative industry insiders. For an overview of the Dutch creative scene, news and events, a searchable database of creative community websites, business-matching services, and shared inspiration, visit the Creative Amsterdam website.