Daria Perevezentsev

Hackers Camp Day 4

Day 2 ended @ 2 in the morning and Day 3@ 3 in the morning, the longest night so far. Will Day 4 beat the record?
All projects are progressing and looks like our teams will meet their deadlines.
Last night after some spicy Indian take-out Marc Boon got his RFID-over-I2C-serial-interface, which is a component used by three different projects: V-Bird, Media Tower and RFID Racer. Today locations will be finalized for each project.


This is just an experiment - V-Bird team are looking for possible casing for their flying camera Daria Perevezentsev


Today another volunteer arrived. Welcome Silvia Janoskova.
Also a camera crew from Tvents came by to make a news item on Hacker’s Camp.

The Breedrs, small personal creatures, are very close to getting their pond. The team still needs sand and a beamer. Luis is working on genetics and Neil on behavior of creatures and the project is coming together well.

Basic construction for Massage Couch is completed and now comes the technical part: LED signalization systems, speakers, and creating interfacing with Anymeta.

For Mario Carts=RFID Racer basic visualization will be complete today and IKWIN! project needs a bell to go “ping!” when you win and they are still looking for platforms.

Department of Information Security and Privacy project Media Tower needs horn speakers and program for streaming on screens looks great. It’s designed so if you swipe your tag, it will screen your image and your name will be announced through horn speakers. The team is convinced it will have a great impact on the audience.


V-Bird will have beautiful eyes - V-Bird is a bird that wants to fly but can't. It needs our help Daria Perevezentsev

V-Bird will have beautiful eyes


Cable Mess inside Meterhuis - Daria Perevezentsev

Cable mess inside Meterhuis


Simon making a height meter out of an old vacuum cleaner - Daria Perevezentsev



Leftovers - Daria Perevezentsev



The intruder - Daria Perevezentsev

The intruder



Happy Luis and his Breedrs - Daria Perevezentsev

Happy Luis and his Breedrs


Thijs working on a pond for The Breedrs - Daria Perevezentsev

Thijs working for the pond for The Breedrs


Our new helper - Daria Perevezentsev

Our new helper

Hackers Camp day 3

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