On Joy, Sadness and Desire

Opening Saterday 9 May 2009, 21.00 hrs

Leave it to Dutch 17th Century philosopher Baruch Spinoza to rationalize that the human psyche is driven by desire and a delicate balance between control of the mind versus the heart.


You Can't Hate Nature - Source: amsterdam.unlike.net

Ever since Spinoza laid the groundwork for the Enlightenment, artists have been creating work surrounding reason and desire—artists Sebastian Diaz Morales, Tim Etchells, Freee, Mathilde ter Heijne, Pia Lindman, Ioana Nemes and Mark Titchner, search for what controls human emotions in contemporary terms.

Come for the opening, which features an interactive installation by Pia Lindman beginning at 22:00. Stay late for the after party with DJ Bin, Amerikan Teenager and Duo Total.