With works by Florian Meisenberg, Anne Berning, Christian Frosch, Annegret Hoch, Wolfgang Kessler, Rolf Poellet and others.

The exhibition is on view from 20 January through 30 April 2010.
Gallery hours: Monday – Friday, 9 am – 20 pm


Osram - source

Two new acquisitions by the artist Florian Meisenberg (b. 1980 in Berlin) form the focus of the new exhibition that is made up of works from the firm’s collection. Meisenberg had already created and impressive oeuvre when still a student of Peter Doig at the Academy of Art in Düsseldorf. In his paintings he celebrates painting itself in an often untamed manner. The work that lends the exhibition its theme depicts an island in what appears to be a raging sea. The bare trees bend, but not from the wind. They seem rather to be pressed down from the pastose colored circles of paint. An ironic struggle results between the ominous yet concrete subject matter and the paint itself. Behind the question of what painting is meant to accomplish today is always the question of just how much an artist’s personality contributes to this subjective medium. The exhibition offers viewers the possibility of engaging in an artistic dialogue regarding the nature of painting based on artistic positions represented in the OSRAM COLLECTION.