1 jan 2002

Martin Butler


Butler's work explores and exposes contemporary topics through dance and performance. Since the early '90s, Butler has made short and full evening performances, choreographies and installations for theatre, specific locations and tv.

The work is elegant, witty, historical or contemporary, plain or highly artificial when necessary. His passion for games and inclination to hidden structures and false climaxes, blended with a slightly paranoid obsession with conspiracies has spawned his compositions. Butler's work generously allows space for the individual performing artist, placing the personal in a semantic, rule-based context. Butler's work is understated, macabre and often riddled with black humor. The performances start at the edge of narrative. Iconography, objects and compositional choices offer subtle clues for the audience to construct a context for association and appreciation; movement and sound provoke potential narratives and situations.

source: www.grand-theatre.nl