Sander Veenhof


Presented by Showroom MAMA during festival De Wereld van Witte de With 2009

Reclaim your privacy! Disappear from the surveillance camera.


People testing their invisible outfits. - Surveillance camera hack: exploiting a vulnerability for a specific type of blue Sander Veenhof

The surveillance camera at the corner of Witte de Withstraat / Hartmansstraat in Rotterdam couldn’t handle a specific type of the color blue, a flaw discovered and exploited by Sander Veenhof in the context of the ‘For Security Reasons’ exhibition at Showroom MAMA.

A temporary ‘de-surveillance service point’ set-up next to the flawed camera, assisted visitors of the De Wereld van Witte de With festival to disappear from the Rotterdam surveillance camera network. By wearing or holding anything blue, they could become invisible.


Sander Veenhof in cooperation with Showroom MAMA