Sander Veenhof, Hicham Khalidi

'Auto participative' choreography


A public choreography performed by (random) passersby near The Hague CS during the TodaysArt festival 2008


Watching the live projection of the 'auto participative' choreography in the making -

"There's is no way to miss the auto-participative choreography on the Turfmarkt. First of all, because it's huge. Secondly, because participation cannot be avoided. The choreography annex performance annex new media installation might just look big, but there's an even bigger plan involved on a higher level. A real-time rendering system is parsing the live video feed from the Turfmarkt, erasing and converting the formless huge props on the sidewalk into meaningful accessories for a play: an auto-participative choreography with passers-by as audience -and- performers."

A concept developed by TAG in association with Sander Veenhof. Choreography by Jerome Meyer. Grid design by Karin Mientjes.