Breaking The Frame

3D group photo

Form a group, use your ikTags and break the 2D frame to create a 3D experience. Once the installation is activated, an array of (10, 14, 18?) cameras will shut at the same time, capturing the group from multiple angles. The photos will subsequently processed into a stop motion video that will be uploaded to the profiles of the users. The project Breaking the frame is based on the stop motion time laps technique.

Made by: Dan Paluska, Carl Emil Carlsen, Mike Wege and Arjan Scherpenisse at the Mediamatic Social RFID Hackerscamp 2009. Location: the square next to the PICNIC Club.

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This and 10 other Social RFID projects are part of 'Play with your Tag' at PICNIC09.


Breaking the frame sketch - At Hacker Camp '09

This project is partially inspired by the photo booth installation, which was a huge success at Hackers Camp 2007 and by Dan, who also works on this project has been experimenting with time laps for a while. Videos of him time lapsing his experiences during hacker camp can also be found on Flickr.