Everybody knows gnomes love games

ikGnome is a 'game' where the visitors of PICNIC take pictures of themselves with a Gnome hat on. There are only two hats, a red one and a blue one, which people have to pass along to their friends.

Which side will get the most pictures at PICNIC09: the red hats or the blue hats?


- The red hat's picture page

- The blue hat's picture page

- Compare the score!


Made by Tijmen Schep at the Mediamatic Social RFID Hackerscamp 2009. Location: PICNIC Club.

This and 7 other Social RFID projects are part of 'Play with your Tag' at PICNIC09.

This is what the maker says about his project.


ikTag and Gnomes at PICNIC09 - The Original Picture Credit from : Mike Lane / NHPA. Picture used with permission. This is his personal website: www.nature-photography.co.uk/ ma yan