Interactive installation Ralph Meijer, Ernst Odolphi, K, Eelco Wagenaar 1 jan 2010


Networked venting

IkScream aspires to create the biggest, loudest and longest scream ever. Swipe your ikTag in front of the reader, and vent your frustrations into the ear. A mic and camera record your scream.


IkScream in use - Screaming into the ikScream. Mediamatic Bank, Amsterdam. Robert Keil

How does it work?

This enormous ear listens to all your frustrations and pet peeves. Hold your ikTag in front of the reader to start the installation. Once you've reached a certain amount of decibels, a camera and microphone will start recording your scream. When your scream starts to lose power, the recording will stop. The recorded clip is sent to a server and saved. Finally, all of the videos will be connected, creating a never ending scream. It's also possible to listen to a scream consisting of only those screams produced by your online contacts.

Developed during Dev Camp 2010 at Mediamatic Bank, Amsterdam.