Mayken Craenen

Red Bull Mini Drome

Miniature track, maximum adrenaline

How to squeeze a track into an exhibition space without skimping on speed and excitement? The spectacular Red Bull Mini Drome might be a perfect example of how to do it...


Red Bull Mini Drome test ride - Via Steadyrollin. Image by Hagan from The CGK.

From Red Bull: The aim is to shrink a cycling velodrome to the smallest possible size while maintaining race worthy dimensions to enable single timed races, and the treacherous two person pursuit. Not only that, we are going to build it inside a nightclub so people can look down from the mezzanine level and watch the spinning madness below. The Mini Drome will be 7m wide and 14m long and 3.5m high at each end and made of plywood.

The first test rides have taken place, and proved the Mini Drome is cyclable and big fun! Read the reports on Steadyrollin.