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Doortrapte iPhone apps

Hva students create app for real life cycle fun

A few months ago, thirty Interactive Media students from the Hva received the task to develop a prototype of an iPhone application related to our Sur Place exhibition. The aim of the app should be to inform people and make them enthusiastic about the fixed gear bike and the (sub)culture surrounding it. After a first internal presentation, the students revealed their final product at the 5th Round, to a bigger public of bike geeks and rough riders - not an easy crowd to please!


Willem just announced winning team 5Tone - Bas van den Broeke

They could sigh with relief though when the improvisatory but competent jury (Saskia Haex, Babs Baden, Kees vernooij and Willem Velthoven) praised them for their efforts and results. Although none of the apps was directly referring to the Sur Place exhibition, they all succeeded in their aim to provide bike fun and info that could be shared with friends. Team 5Tone's app deserved the prize for enabling this noble aim in real life.


The Grand Jury - Bas van den Broeke

Here are the results:

Nr. 6 Team Fixed Tribute
Developed a race game in which points had to be collected by delivering packages in true bike messenger style. These points could be traded for bike parts at the Pristine garage.

Nr. 5 High5
Came up with a highly informative Pedal App. It was all about collecting and sharing resources and tips with friends.

Nr. 4 Team Georgia
Created another game executed in a sleek 3D style. It enabled the virtual rider to race through different cityscapes. On the way he would encounter road obstacles and bike parts to improve his speed. Results could be shared on the web.

Nr. 3 Team Genau
Presented a different route for every type of biker, The Cultour app. Along these routes, interesting hotspots were selected. Via social networking sites, the users could give and share feedback on these spots.

Nr. 2 Team Zinko
Made the third game called Track Bike Express. Again a messenger game in which obstacles had to be conquered and packages delivered. All fitted into a simple story line featuring characters from the Amsterdam fixed gear scene.

and finally...
Nr. 1! The guys from 5Tone
Were crowned for coming up with the only concept taking the app to the streets for real life cycle fun. Routes for alleycats or time trials could be set out on a map of Amsterdam and presented as a challenge to friends. The app recorded all data and the resulting statistics could be boasted with on the web.

Congrats to Jordy van den Aardweg, Lars van Braam, Joost Boonzajer Flaes, Wouter Kooij and Jeroen Metselaar! And to everyone else for all good efforts ...

Mediamatic is already working on developing the winning app. More information about this project online soon.