Work by Mateusz Herczka at Mediamatic

16 sep 2005
9 okt 2005

Herczka presented his monumental 12-meter wide videofilm, and in the proces of visually remapping time and space created a thing of extreme beauty.


44/13 Mateusz Herzka - Mediamatic groundfloor exhibition September 2005 - photograph by Nadya Peek for Mediamatic. Mediamatic exhibition: 44/13


Mediamatic started the new season with two exhibitions. A video installation by Mateusz Herczka and a series of photographs by Shunji Hori.

Mateusz Herczka’s work stands at the intersection of art, artificial intelligence, bioscience, and dance. It dislocates perception by applying logical or illogical operations to common everyday objects.

In the film presented at Mediamatic a computer program remaps the time-axis of the movie to the x-axis, which results in a very wide moving image showing an analysis of what was seen, time progressing to the right. The mechanical processing of this fairly trivial footage results in neither film nor still image, evoking high speed as well as extreme slowness, and poetic references to large-scale landscape painting. The processed image relates to visualisation science by making new information visible, while raising questions about human interpretation of reality. The Dutch land's flatness and horizontality coincides perfectly with the iterations of the software.

Linear motion, repetitions, acceleration and deceleration are clearly laid out, visualizing the temporal relationships between features in the landscape, something which normally flickers by.