kyoko inatome, Emiko Chujo

JAPAN new and old, in and out

13 feb 2008
17 feb 2008

During the “Gastarbeider Dating” (Guestworker Dating) exhibition at Mediamatic, Kyoko Inatome and Emiko Chujo presented “Japan, New & Old, In & Out”. A meeting point with a series of performances and events that inspired the cooperation between creatives from Japan, the Netherlands and elsewhere. Everyone had the ability to enjoy our cozy, Japanese-style “Kotatsu” café and many other fun events daily during 13 to 17 February 2008 at Mediamatic in Amsterdam.


lego! - at Mediamatic

Wednesday 13 February

16:00 Café grand opening
18:00 Opening ceremony with ‘Kagamibiraki’ (sake barrel cracking) and ‘Mochitsuki’ (mochi making)
Costume by Eiko Ishizawa
Art pieces by Simsa Cho and Ashok Bhadra

Thursday 14 February

Valentines day

All day Animation day
20.00 Special Valentine Gastarbeider Karaoke evening

Friday 15 February

19:00 “Shabera Night” MC by Irina Birger
We provided a situation in which creators from Japan, and creators from The Netherlands and elsewhere who were influenced by Japanese culture introduced their work and interacted with each other.
20:30 Live music by Treehouse
21:00~ DJ

Saturday 16 February

MC by Pierre Lefesvre
18:00 “Shishimai” performance by Simsa Cho, Takashi Iwaoka, Ai Koyama, Makiko Ito and Kyoko Inatome
18:30 Live music by Slightly Spring and cosplay performance
19:30~ DJ by Yutaka Hoshino

Sunday 17 February

18:00 “Shishimai” performance by Simsa Cho, Takashi Iwaoka, Ai Koyama, Makiko Ito, Yvonne Rietbergen, Ayumi Matsuda, Sascha Mommertz and Kyoko Inatome
Ending the café with “Mochitsuki”

Sponsors; Yama, Aniway, IkI beer
Special thanks:
Faried Verheul
Lindy Rose
Krzysztof Wegiel
Henry Cutler
Dennis Rijbroek
Niels Viveen
Boot Lennart
Danny O’ Really
Shinji Otani
Aimilia Mouzakis
Hisashi Shibata
Yuta Masaki
Emi Sakawaki
Mika Hosoe
Kazuko Yoshida
Yuka Takeuchi
Naoko Yokota
Atsuno Takase