Katja Sokolova, Irina Birger

Russian Brides

International Marriage Agency and Consulting Service

30 jan 2008
3 feb 2008

Our International Marriage Agency and Consulting Service was open for women and men from Wed to Sun from 4 to 8 p.m. Experienced professionals were there to answer all your questions.

Every day we had a different theme.


Russian Brides at Mediamatic - At the Gastarbeider Dating

The Programme

Wed 30 Jan: the day of cultural differences

from 16.00 How to date a foreigner.

The workshop gave you an insight in your personal situation, advice-on-size and face-to-face experience-sharing

17.30 film “Code unknown”

A true masterpiece by Michael Haneke about bonds and barriers between people and the difficulty of communicating in the modern world.

19:00 Workshop How to be a real gentleman

By Irina Birger, a real lady with a lot of experience on international level (Moscow-Belgrade-Tel Aviv-Amsterdam)

Thu 31 Jan: women's day

from 16:00 casting for the Russian Roulette.

On this day everyone had the chance to date a Russian Bride. 10 contestants were ready to meet you!

18:30 film “The Polish bride” .

Karim Traïdia, 1998. How to love each other without saying too many words.

Fri 1 Feb: the day of nostalgia

from 16:00 the sweet and bitter taste of Russian tea

17:30 film “Since Otar Left”

A subtle and sad story by Julie Bertucelli about missing a family member and the beauty of human relationship in hard times.

from 19:00 Russian restaurant:

make your own pelmeni, learn to drink vodka and sing together with the Russian choir "Soroki"

Sat 2 Feb: the day of love and romance

16:00 film programme (a selection of previously shown films):

Since Otat Left. Julie Bertuccelli 2003
Code Unknown, Michael Haneke 2000

20:00-22:00 Russian Roulette

Beautiful Russian ladies were ready to date!
Love and mating tunes by DJ Goldfinger from Moskow Diskow and KidNap records

Sun 3 Feb: hangover day

From 16:00 beer, tea, hangover snacks: vobla, sunflower seeds, etc.

Hangover games: cards and domino

17.00 Hangover film:

Nederlands voor beginners, Urszula Antoniak (Rinkel Film / VPRO 2007) - 50 min

Special thanks to all participants for their contributions and to the Dutch film distributor Cinemien for the films.