Make your own robot workshop

Electronic know-how is not required!

9 dec 2006
10 dec 2006

Mediamatic organized a one or two- day workshop on how to design and solder autonomous robots.


soldering club at Mediamatic - Stocking up the winter garden at Mediamatic

Electric know-how

It’s not so difficult to make a robot if you have two of the most interesting robot artists explaining you what to do. Christian Faubel and Ralf Schreiber have been teaching people how to make robots for years. Their workshops are famous for being informative, fun and inspiring. Electric know-how was not required.

individual sounding modules

Participants were able to build their own individual sounding modules and simple moving solar robots. Motors, solar panels and various electronic components are provided. At the end of the day everybody went home with a nice robot!

For the more experienced solderers it is good to know that for this workshop Ralf and Christian also brought more advanced and complex robot parts that easily kept them occupied for one or two days.

The workshop was held in the new Mediamatic exhibition Night Garden at the ground floor of the Post CS Building in Amsterdam. This place was teeming with technology, art and food. Visitors could also wander through a digital forest, learn about mating call science, experience psycho-chemical garden furniture and eat at a prototype restaurant serving more than 30 sorts of sprouted micro-greens.