Bigger 5: White Nights

Irina Birger and Katja Sokolova

30 jun 2006
2 jul 2006

This event was inspired by the White Nights occurring in northern countries at the end of June, when it never gets dark. This natural phenomenon influences the mind, changing perception of our most basic categories as DAY and NIGHT, sleeping and being awake.


Insomnia Room by Irina Birger and Katja Sokolova at Mediamatic - Bigger5, Mediamatic 2006, photo by Bea Correa Irina and Katja

The Programme

21.00 - 24.00
A special insomnia video program was shown. It was curated by Maria Korosteleva from St. Petersburg with works by Viktor Alimpiev, Vladimir Bystrov, Factory of Found Clothes (Gluklya & Zaplya), Elena Nasanen, Pekka Sassi, Alli Savolainen.

22.30 - 24.00
Insomnia Room by Irina Birger. It was a photo set where you can have your picture taken, dressed in sleeping clothes.

Insomnia Party
23.00 - 23.10 speedpunk concert by Rene SG
24.00- late VJ Brian McKenna, DJ Disco Machina.

Dress-code: pyjamas from your closet.

Concept and organization: inhalexhale: Irina Birger/Katja Sokolova

The video program was also to be seen on July 1 and 2, from 13.00 - 18.00 hrs.

Participants of Bigger:

27.05 Tunc Topcuoglu (Turkey)
11.06 Stefan Tiron, Bogdan Marcu en Linda Barkasz (Romania)
17.06 Rafaël Rozendaal (Netherlands)
23.06 Bogomir Doringer (Serbia)
30.06 Irina Birger (Israël) en Katja Sokolova (Russia)