Eervolle vermelding El HEMA ontwerpwedstrijd 2007 Bernardo Gaeiras

The Arabesque

Make it a game, decorate, make it your own.

Plastic colorfull tiles to play and create arabic patterns. Find your own rules as you combine the pieces in endlessly possible ways.
Prototype design at fablab@mediamatic

Plastic colorfull tiles inspired in the arabesque order of creativity. To play and create arabic patterns or use them as indoor decoration. There are no rules, no boards, no winners. The way arabesque patterns combine loops into the infinity, also it's up to each player to create every possible pattern and find their own aesthetical logic.


The plastic tiles. Complete set - Bernardo Gaeiras

It is based on arabesque patterns. The inspiration comes form a research on screens and islamic geometrical decoration.

the simplicity of the final product and the translation of a traditional craft into new materials and modern applications together with it's stream-lined look.

Through experiences I could conclude that kids are naturally more attracted to this object mainly because of its live colors. But bigger levels of complexity on combinations tend to be an exciting and interesting challenge for grown-ups.

through the fascination of exploring arabesque patterns and its methods of creation, i found out some standard tiles shape that are produced in ceramics. I wanted to have a good quantity of this and see what could be generated. I surprisingly found that beautifull and unexpected patterns can be easily created.

3mm thick Acrylic plates in 6 different basic colors.
Packaging also designed by me (work in progress): Corrugated cardboard with printed sticker with graphic design by Raya Tueny, Lebanon
Both produced with Epilog laser cutter at Fablab.

One prototype is almost ready. Only the packaging is under design process. To produce more I need the Laser cutter at fablab @ waagsociety. Being a FabLab co-worker i am able to do it on my own. I have all the files ready for production. Just tell me how many you want!