Film: Bouke van der Veer 1 jan 2006

Movie Example Frogs

or how to fill in this artefact

This is an example of how to fill in your project information on the Mediamatic website for the Rembrandtscreen. Here you can see what kind of information you can add as background information and credits for your project. In this box you can write down a short description of your project.

This project handles the live of two killerfrogs.

In this box you can write everything of value about your project.
Example Movie Frogs is a movie that was inspired by my great fascination of frogs and their ability to eat meat. The movie takes place in the small town called Lutjebroek. We follow the two characters named Frog 1 as Froggie B and Frog 2 as Froggie T in their adventure of consuming human body parts.

The movie has won many prices on various amphibious film festivals.


Here you can put information about the picture you added. - Example Movie Frogs is about killerfrogs.


The exact length of your project presented at the Rembrandscreen. ex. 01'30 min.

The original format where the project was shot or made on. ex. 16mm film.

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