15 jul 2011
  • 2:00 -1:59
  • ADM
  • Hornweg 6 / West Havens, Amsterdam

Sleazefest wordt georganiseerd door het Amsterdamse duo zZz. Het festival richt zich op 'smerige gitaarmuziek' en speelt zich op wisselende locaties in en rond Amsterdam af.


The Anomalys - Picture by Sleazefest, found on

In the port of Amsterdam
You can see sailors dance
Paunches bursting their pants
Grinding women to porch
They've forgotten the tune
That their whiskey voice croaked
Splitting the night
With the roar of their jokes
And they turn and they dance
And they laugh and they lust
Till the rancid sound of the accordion bursts
And then out of the night
With their pride in their pants
And the sluts that they tow
Underneath the street lamps

(David Bowie, Port of Amsterdam)

Line Up 2011:
Dirty Beaches
Atomic Suplex
MC Gorethiefs
Vicky Leytones
The Phantom Four
Pignose Willys
J.C. Thomaz & The Missing Slippers
Blind Bob & the Grill Plates

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