If you show me your apps, I'll show you mine...

30 aug 2008

The first iPhone Dev Camp hosted by Mediamatic BANK was a tremendous success with far more participants than was anticipated. During this day, more than 80 participants taught each other how to make iPhone apps. Everyone from programming newbies to Objective-C masters were welcome.


iPhone app - Photo by Katie Lips, taken from her Flickr

DIY application

For those that are new to the Dev Camp concept, it’s basically a BarCamp-style unconference where developers can get together and master the iPhone platform. Because many of us were new to developing for the iPhone, we were looking to have some experienced mobile developers and a few hardened Cocoa masters train us.

Dev Camp Report

The iPhone Dev Camp started off at ten o' clock in the morning when organizer Peter Robinett surprised the participants with home made pancakes. After a quick introduction both professional and amateur developers kicked off to share their knowledge and ideas on different kinds of applications for the iPhone.

Amongst those who were present, were TreasureMyText, MobyPicture and Nameo vCard Exchanger.

After lunch, there was a short presentation held by Makayama.

Prizes to be won

At the end of the day 3 prizes were given to the ones who had made the best application during the day.

First prize went to Altec Lansing Speakerset, for iPhone Drawing.
Second prize was for V-Moda Vibe Duo Nero for the application iPhone Quotes.
Third prize went out to Sena Elega Pouch Croco-Black for the iPhone Tips.

Further details

Read the full report in Dutch on iPhoneclub.nl and you can also check out the official website or watch a videoreport of the day.